Call if you are concerned about a marine mammal. 

We respond to sightings in Washington state
from downtown Seattle, King County,
to Kayak Point, Snohomish County:


Our hotline is monitored from 8am–8pm, seven days a week. 

Leave a clear description of the animal and its location, the situation or condition as you see it, and your contact information. 

You may not receive a call back if an animal has already been reported. 


For other Washington counties,
or sightings in Oregon or California, you can find the local Marine Mammal Stranding Network at: 

NOAA's Stranding Network Maps & Contacts

The West Coast Regional Marine Mammal Stranding Hotline takes calls regarding marine mammals seen in California Oregon and Washington:


Outside the SKMMR response area (gray on the map),
please report any stranded marine mammal using this hotline.

Email us

If you are not reporting a marine mammal, please use email to reach us:

Use this address for general inquiries, questions about volunteering, information about outreach or partnership opportunities, or other questions.